OCT/NOV Pre-Order Shipping Status Updates – Urban Reserve Singapore

OCT/NOV Pre-Order Shipping Status Updates

Dear customers, 

Thank you for your support with the launch of our Benefit One massage chair. You should have received by now an email regarding the uncertain situation with the shipping of our goods. In our effort for transparency and to keep you updated on the situation, this post will be updated twice weekly on the latest progress. 

Please check back on this post for the latest updates. We're hoping this will be resolved very soon and I thank you for your understand on the situation.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the situation and we are terribly sorry for the delay.

 21st Dec 2020

Hi all! Some good news. The vessel should be reaching Singapore's port before end of today. We have worked with our delivery partners on expediting the deliveries and we should be starting deliveries as soon as 23rd. Unfortunately not everyone will be able to receive your massage chair before Christmas as we have to prioritize based on your purchase dates. You should be receiving a call from us these couple of days on the arrangement so please hang in there. 


8th Dec 2020

Hi all. The vessel have sailed from Qing Dao's port on the 6th of Dec. Unfortunately, bad weather continues to be an issue and a the latest advice on the estimated date of arrival was further pushed back on to the evening of the 22nd of Dec. Based on this new estimate and coinciding with the Christmas weekend, there is a real possibility that delivery can only commence after Christmas and completed into early 2021.  


1st December 2020

We received news from the shipping company that our vessel that was supposed to sail on the 29th Nov 2020 would be delayed due to port congestion caused by bad weather and rescheduled to sail on the 6th Dec 2020. The vessel is due to reach Singapore only on the 19th Dec 2020.


11 November 2020

China was hit with a huge deficit of shipping containers driven by the US-China trade war and an uptick in demand for exports out of Vietnam. This caused a mad scramble for empty containers, unexpected delays, and an unprecedented surge in shipping prices. 

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