About Us

Urban Reserve is an lifestyle innovation company that aims to make sense of urban living. We envision growing our reservoir of products of the very best and most creative in response to our motto of 'For Everyday, For Everybody'

Launched in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, we saw a need to find a sense of normalcy by providing products that not only works, but makes sense to you. More importantly, we believe that good products don't necessarily have to be expensive. In this spirit, we set out to find products that are worthy of this cause.

We anchor our brand on the following values:

We want to make good things accessible to the everybody. We define accessibility as being available and affordable. We went online so that we are available to our customers at the click of a button and we scrutinize every part of the supply chain, questioning our spending in order to bring our prices down so that our products are never out of reach. 

Innovation is in our DNA and expressed in our approach and products. Making everyday things work better through clever observations. Our products has to make sense above all.

Urban Tested
Our products are made for the discerning urban dweller. It has to pass the test that it's made for urban living. Whether it fits into your urban lifestyle, or blends into your home décor, we pride our products to be urban tested. 

Thank you for taking time to understand who we are and we look forward to partnering you in your urban experience in one way or another in the near future.

For Everyday. For Everybody.