Considerations When Getting Your First Massage Chair

So you are thinking of getting your first massage chair. This is a daunting task to pick from so many options in the market. To help you with your choice, we compiled some tips for your consideration. 



This is a no brainer. How much should I pay for my massage chair? Massage chairs can cost anything between $1000 to $8000. That's a huge range and a lot of money. One sound advice is to work back from your budget and don't overspend on your first chair. Set an acceptable budget that you are willing to pay for and search within that range. 

If you want to reach a little more over your budget, a great tip is to look out for interest free installments offered by specific banks. This way, you can spread out the cost of your new massage chair over a period of between 3months to 48months. 

At Urban Reserve, we offer interest free installment through Hoolah in 3 easy installments for your benefit as well.



When it comes to massage, it is easy to equate size to comfort. That isn't exactly true but the bigger question is, where are you going to place the massage chair in your home? The bigger chairs can weigh as much as 130kg and takes up as much space as a third of a small room. Before you decide on your purchase, take a walk around your home and make some measurements against your shortlist of massage chairs to make sure they fit.

Most massage chairs leans back when it is in recline which means most massage chairs will require a space of more than 20-30cm to accommodate the recline. In a small room, your massage chair could be placed in an awkward spot "floating" in the middle of the room because of the back clearance. Instead, look out for space saving features like Zero Wall where it does not require back clearance when your massage chair is in recline. How Zero Wall feature works is that the massage chair slides forwards instead of leaning backwards when it is in recline. The way, you can push your chair all the way against the wall! Genius idea!



Let's face it. Traditional massage chairs looks awful! They are like large alien pods that never looks like it belongs in your home. We survey many people on their ideal massage chairs and all of them wants something that isn't an ugly white elephant at home. 

Even the good looking ones can feel like a misfit in your home. Try to read your home color scheme and reference the variants offered by your preferred massage chair brands. Try to imagine the chair in the space and it blends in. The general idea is to chose a design of a massage chair like you would when you are buying a matching furniture for your home.

Nowadays, there are more options of massage chair designs that are inconspicuous or doubles up as an arm chair. These options are great if you're worried about it taking up so much space when you probably only use it once a day.   



Massage chairs are jam packed with features nowadays. From 2D to 5D, Bluetooth speakers, and aroma therapy, the list goes on. The question is, what is it that YOU are looking for in a massage chair. The reality is that while all these added features are impressive, every single additional feature actually adds to the price tag. 

Boiling it down to the heart of the matter, what you want in your massage chair is something that fits your lifestyle and comfortably kneads away that tension in your body. So don't be distracted by the bells and whistles. Make a list of your priorities your ideal massage chair and check of the list. The less important non-core features could be a 'good to have' after your check off your list against your budget.



Last but not least, service! Service as having your questions attended to in a timely fashion, not having to second guess the price, having timely updates about the delivery, and the peace of mind that your warranty is covered by legit technicians. Massage chairs rarely breakdown, but when they do, you don't want to be hustling with customer service over whose fault it is.  

 At Urban Reserve, we pride ourselves over our customer service. Rest assured that our technicians serving you are the same bunch of freelance technicians from our more established competitors. As a new entrant in the market, you imagine that we're eager to exceed your expectations and win you over. 


I hope the above serves you well as a reference of what you ought to consider when buying your first massage chair. Make an informed choice and be confident you made the right choice.