Why So Affordable?! Our Honest Price Explained

Other than the slick design and awesome features of Urban Reserve's massage chairs, most might be wondering "why so affordable?". I want to assure you, the price you are paying is still a lot of money. But it is what we call an honest price. Let me explain.

Massage chair companies traditionally slap an unreasonable markup on their price only to sell you at an almost 50% discount. And even at that price, they still have a more than healthy markup, and still well beyond many people's budget.

At Urban Reserve, we appreciate a good massage. It rubs the stress of each day away and sets us anew. We truly believe that everyone could use a good massage every once in a while. Therefore we started thinking about how can we make owning a proper massage chair more accessible and without breaking the bank. 

We recently launched the debut model of our massage chair, the Benefit UR30010. In general comparison with other leading brands of massage chairs in Singapore, the same range of chairs would be priced between $3500 - $5000. You'd likely buy it at around $2500 - $3000 if you bought it on promotion and with credit card tie-up. Sounds like a really good deal. We crunched our numbers and we crunched it hard and we realized we can do better. So how much are we selling it for? $1499 nett! That's a whopping 70% off the top range selling price of our competitors in the same category!

Make no mistake, 1.5K is still a lot of money and we never considered our products to be cheap. The fact is that prices of massage chairs have been severely inflated for a long time as traditional massage chair companies have extremely high overheads. In order to make a healthy profit, they chose to transfer all these costs to you! Our prices are not cheap. They reflect what the chair should cost.  

So how did we achieve that? 

1. First fully digital massage chair brand in Singapore.

While we know there are other massage chair brands that are big online, they all have some form of physical showroom as a part of their strategy. Urban Reserve is the first fully digital massage chair company. We do not have any showrooms and we have no intention of having them. These physical retail footprints are really costly, especially in Singapore.  The fact is that all this cost is reflected in your bill and you are the ones ultimately paying for the facility. We would rather transfer all these saving to our customers instead. 

We understand that customers might be resistant to make a big-ticket purchase online without trying out our chairs. We're mitigating this by arming our customers with as much information as possible. Even at launch, we're intensifying our honest review process so that you get to hear what early adopters say about our chairs as a reference. 

2. Pre-order basis - reduced warehousing and logistic cost

We're launching on a pre-order basis. The downside is that our customers will need to wait for a little before their chairs arrive. But the upsides are well worth it. By doing it on a pre-order basis, we are able to better estimate demand and we have no commitments to permanent warehousing. This move greatly reduces excess stocks and warehousing overheads. In the same way, we transfer these savings to you.   

3. No celebrity endorsement or big marketing push

We believe our customers are aware and discerning people.  There is no need to pay a big-name celebrity to tell you things you can already figure for yourself. Nevermind the fact that celebrity endorsement costs a bomb, the fact is I'm not sure if we can trust advice from people who are paid to tell me something scripted. You already know what I'm going to say next, the cost is transferred to you!

 4. Honest price - Our best price is our best price 

It is common practice in retail to mark up the "original" price in order to offer a hefty discount. It makes one wonder what exactly is the worth of these products. At Urban Reserve, we practice what we call the honest price. We try our best to work out the lowest price we can go at a reasonable margin we can live with. You don't have to guess if you are getting the best price or if you could squeeze a little more value if you asked a second time. Our price is our best price. It is as transparent as that. 


This is how we are keeping our costs down to make our massage chairs as affordable as possible for everyone. Your investment in a massage chair isn't a small one. Isn't it nice to know that you got it at an honest price? Finally, everyone can relax. 

Don't take our word for it. Book a demo with us and try it for yourself today!

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